Tue – 14 October, 2008

Back to London. It’s time to edit 50 GB of images. Drowned in numbers, trying to find the facts between the questions. Fist of all: why did I photograph so much?

Green drops. London, 1:29am.


Sun – 21 September, 2008

Berlin is well known for its open-air parties. For electronic music fans, that’s always the best option for a sunday afternoon (although the autumn is coming sooner this year). 

I’ve been photographing a lot everyday, but I’m not updating this blog too much intentionally… You know, I have to keep some secret for my final project… 

I have to see Wings of Desire (Wim Wenders) again.

Talking to, talking too.

Mauer Park, Berlin.

Wed – 17 September, 2008

No more London – now it’s time to … Berlin!!

I arrived in this incredible city one week ago (sorry, I should have updated this blog before – I know). I came here to make the final project of my master course. The idea is simple and very generic: see how life is going on 20 years after the fall of the wall (actually the aniversary is only next year, but nevermind…).

And the biggest revelation appeared to me today: the wall is growing up again!!! Yes, that’s it! And believe: this is an political act that has been gradually arranged by … the tourists! If you spend some minutes watching their behaviour around the remaining pieces at the Postdamer Platz, you will see their tatic. Instead of concrete, they use the most trivial material to give substance to the wall: chewing gums!! Yes, there’s a massive layer of it in each side of the remaining wall. I won’t be surprised if they do the same thing with the small pieces of the wall that it’s still possible to buy as a souvenir all over the city. Somebody wants one? I can bring chewing gums from the dutty free as well….

Thurs – 28 August, 2008

“The beholder gets aesthetic enjoyment by comparing his own “stream” with the standardized stream; a photograph made automatically and without sensibility or enthusiasm and with the knowledge that one is basically photographing nothing special gives pleasure to the beholder precisely because of the minimal effort; it is only related to intention: one has to photograph every change” – Boris Mikhailov (Unfinished Dissertation)

Sat – 24 August, 2008

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world” – Wittgenstein

Metro Club, Soho – London

Fri – 15 August, 2008

“Which advice would you give to a young photographer?

I would tell him to take a pen and a paper, and think about his own life, about who is him. And don’t dare take a camera before discovering it” – Tina Barney

Thurs – 14 August, 2008

Shoreditch, London.