Mon – 10 November, 2008



Inside and outside.


Sat – 8 November, 2008



Fri – 7 November, 2007

Shoreditch, London.


“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know” – Diane Arbus

Tue – 04 November, 2008

Brick Lane, London


It’s curious how time transforms the meaning of a photograph. Today I took this one at 6:30pm. I thought it was the worst picture from a sequence of 10ish. At 11:30pm, I changed my mind and chose this one to work on. After some minutes of Photoshop, I decided it was acceptable, but insufficient. Now, 2:50am, I think I should print it. But maybe I will delete it tomorrow…

When it happens in a so reduced period, when the emotional and social circumstances doesn’t have time to change influencing my perception, I can only think that it is a matter of some kind of “visual mood”. 

I didn’t know it exists…