Mon – 10 November, 2008



Inside and outside.



  1. fodacias!!

  2. Hi Leo,

    I was leaving after having a look at your blog without a comment. After i remebered you told me that is rude to have alook at someone’s blog and don’t say anything. Well here i am i think it’s amazin. i relly love your style. you know i’m notan expert i just follow feeling and sensations. and you left very good ones in me!

    next time i see you i might ask you to take a pic of me. the people in here look so interesting, deep, natural but at the same time quite intiguing (don’t know if is the right word!) anyway hope you know what i mean!

    We’ll talk about it when i meet next time


    Deb xxx

  3. Léo,

    vc foi no show do rancid???????
    Como foi???


  4. Oi Leo,
    Não sei se vc se lembra de mim, te conheci através da Peti e tb sou muito amiga do Gui…

    Só queria dizer que achei essa foto sensacional!


  5. Hey dude, long time no blog! Missing the one shot a day that you were doing. Would be great to see what you’re shooting in Brasil. Take care mate and start posting again!

  6. I love the pictures above, great blog are you a professional photographer.

  7. The flat door looks really good are they flowers hung on the front? It is amazing what a few changes can make to a place this is just one example.

  8. I can’t tell from the black and white photo, whether the garden is really pretty or really in need of an overhaul, good use of photography.

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