Sat – 01 november, 2008

Halloween – Victoria Park, London.

Edda – You lose touch when you lose your sense of identity, and that happened long ago. That’s why you always need proof, proof that you still exist. You treat your stories and experiences as if they were raw eggs, as if only you experience things. That’s why you keep taking these photos, for further proof that it was really you who saw something. That’s why you came here. So somebody would listen, listen to you and the stories you’re really telling yourself. It isn’t enough in the long run.

Philip – That’s true. Taking polaroids is a sort of proof. Waiting for a picture to develop, I’d often feel strangely uneasy. I could hardly wait to compare the picture with reality, but the pictures never caught up with reality…

E – You can’t stay here.

P – … I went on as if I were possessed.

E – You really are out of touch. I don’t want you to stay!

P – What? Are you serious?

E – Yes, my friend. I can’t help you.

“Alice in the Cities” – Dir: Wim Wenders, 1974.


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  1. Edda was Wim’s first wife.

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