Thurs – 30 October, 2008

Red Church Bar, London.

“The need to photograph – I keep expecting it to come to an end, but it doesn’t. There’s always the feeling that you’re just starting, like there’s much further to go. The need just intensifies (…) I think that if I got what I wanted from it I would stop. But it doesn’t work that way (…) You never get close enough.

Close enough to what?

– To the experience. It’s never as powerful, never comes close to how the experience affects me (…) So there’s this need to go further. [I photograph] to break the barrier between me and what I’m looking for. To break the surface of reality, not for the sake of abstraction, but to go inside. I think if this happens, if you get close, then others will see themselves in it. I think if you’re honest about your relation to reality than it’s not just your reality anymore. Only in this sense I do believe in documentary”

Michael Ackerman, Fiction – 2001


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