Thurs – 28 August, 2008

“The beholder gets aesthetic enjoyment by comparing his own “stream” with the standardized stream; a photograph made automatically and without sensibility or enthusiasm and with the knowledge that one is basically photographing nothing special gives pleasure to the beholder precisely because of the minimal effort; it is only related to intention: one has to photograph every change” – Boris Mikhailov (Unfinished Dissertation)


Sat – 24 August, 2008

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world” – Wittgenstein

Metro Club, Soho – London

Fri – 15 August, 2008

“Which advice would you give to a young photographer?

I would tell him to take a pen and a paper, and think about his own life, about who is him. And don’t dare take a camera before discovering it” – Tina Barney

Thurs – 14 August, 2008

Shoreditch, London.

Sat – 9 August, 2008

Code of ethics.

Sun – 10 August, 2008

Flying things.

Sat – 9 August, 2009

Wave of signals.